Season 2, Episode 6 | Food Insecurity In These COVID Times

With the current rising food prices, combined with supply chain shortages all over the world, many of our bank accounts feel the pinch of these elevated grocery costs. But for some of us, the issue runs deeper than a temporary financial strain. Today’s guest on The SunDaze Journey Podcast is helping to raise awareness and create holistic, community-driven solutions for those who experience food insecurity in her own backyard. 

In this episode, hosts Alexis Carthan and Mary-Beth Meagher welcome to the mic Victoria Hasselbring, volunteer coordinator at All Faith’s Food Bank in Sarasota, Florida. The three discuss how food insecurity is a year-round, systemic problem (not just something to be aware of as the holidays approach and we gather around our tables); how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to exacerbate this disparity; and what we can do to help make food more accessible to our neighbors and communities.  

Oh…and we should also mention that Victoria is Mary-Beth’s twin sister, so if their voices sound similar, now you know the reason! Support the food bank’s mission at these links below: 

All Faith’s Website: allfaithsfoodbank.org/
Partner Website: feedingamerica.org/
Instagram: instagram.com/allfaithsfoodbank/
Facebook: facebook.com/AllFaithsFoodBank/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/all-faiths-food-bank/

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