Season 2, Episode 2 | Reclaiming Joy and Redefining Resilience

Resilience is a word that we see thrown around often in today’s culture. It’s upheld as this “relentlessly tough-as-nails in the face of unimaginable difficulties” mindset. But how often do we forget to factor simple, authentic joy into that equation?

In this episode of The SunDaze Journey Podcast, hosts Alexis and Mary-Beth dive into the importance of balancing the inevitable pain of life with the hope and positivity of what is still to come. They talk to optimism and resilience coach Aracelys Roman, founder of the online platform Emerge & Bloom, to hear her unique, nuanced perspective on joy as a launchpad for self-growth—no matter the circumstances or transitions. Be sure to follow Aracelys on her both website and social media channels at the links below!

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