Season 2, Episode 5 | Increasing Visibility for Invisible Illnesses

What if we all tried to infuse just a little more hope, light, inspiration, and humor in this world by turning our stories of pain into beautiful works of art? That’s exactly what our latest guest is out there doing!

On today’s episode of The SunDaze Journey podcast, hosts Alexis and Mary-Beth are joined by Sam Simone, an NYC-based actress, who is using her creative medium as a performer to raise awareness for the daily realities of life with an invisible illness. This conversation is full of sincerity and vulnerability, mixed with just the right amount of laughter. We’re thrilled for you give it a listen! 

Follow Sam on social media and her website at the links below: 

Facebook: facebook.com/SamanthaSimoneActor
Instagram: instagram.com/samisims21/
Website: samanthanicolesimone.com/

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