Season 2, Episode 7 | Fierce Authenticity in a World of Structural Biases

In a patriarchal culture that so often tells women who they can and cannot be, it’s hard to honor your authentic self and trust the voice inside that whispers, “You’re on the right path.” In this episode of The SunDaze Journey Podcast, hosts Alexis Carthan and Mary-Beth Meagher talk to a woman who knows firsthand what it means to fully and unapologetically herself in the face of cultural, social, and religious opposition. The pair are thrilled to welcome Bethany Gaddis, a pastor, ministry leader, social media manager, and justice advocate—who also happens to be Mary-Beth’s personal friend and mentor. (Fun fact: MB’s husband gave Bethany the nickname Queen B, and it’s stuck for the past five years!).

Learn more about what Bethany is doing in this world at the links below:

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