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Riverside FM: Everything You Need to Know

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Still feeling the aftershocks of Zoom fatigue from these past few years? Us too. 

So when we first set out to launch The SunDaze Journey Podcast at the end of 2020, we wanted an alternative platform that wouldn’t make our recording sessions feel more exhausting than enjoyable. Our criteria was simple. Just give us an affordable subscription rate, top-notch audiovisual features, ample time to record the content, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface to edit our musings into a cohesive episode. Then, we would be off to the races.

Why We Use Riverside

It took some glitches to find the right platform, but we’ve finally come across a winner: Riverside.fm. What made the choice to use Riverside such a no-brainer for us? This online software has the suite of functions we want at a price that won’t jeopardize our small business budget. Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of making Riverside FM part of your own virtual tech stack. (Hint: creating a podcast is only the tip of the iceberg.)

At a Glance: Why Riverside FM Is So Effective

Riverside FM is a local recording tool, which means that each user’s audio will save to their own computer, rather than on the interwebs. Why is this beneficial? Because, if someone on the call has a spotty WiFi connection, it won’t affect the recording as a whole. 

Even if your co-host or guest drops out of the session temporarily, their part of the conversation will continue to record. Then, once you’re finished, everyone will click “import” to transfer their audio track to the Riverside FM platform for an editor to sync together in post-production. Talk about convenience and efficiency. We’re all about a tool which enables us to work smarter, not harder. And if you value that as much as we do, you’ll love the following features:

  • Uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio output
  • Clear, no-freeze 4K video resolution
  • Continuous file uploading to the cloud
  • Internal editing and transcribing functions 
  • Screen share capability for presentations
  • Behind-the-scenes producer controls
  • Mobile responsive via the Riverside FM app
  • Call-in feature for live audience members
  • Recording space for up to 8 guests or participants
  • Live stream via Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch 

Not only is Riverside FM the highest quality platform of its kind that we have come across—it’s extremely versatile too. Our team relies on it for podcasting, but this just begins to scratch the surface of all you can do with Riverside FM. Below are some innovative ideas on how to put this recording software to work for your brand or business venture.

Beyond Podcasting: Ways to Use Riverside FM

What’s not to love about a jack of all trades, right? Come for the crisp audio levels and intuitive podcast interface. Then, stick around for the many other optimal recording functions that Riverside FM has to offer. Here’s a quick rundown of the audiovisual content you can create and the workflow processes you can execute—courtesy of Riverside FM.    

Webinars or live streams 

Ever wanted to create your own personal TED Talk? Film yourself hosting a virtual seminar on Riverside FM. Then, share the access link with your followers, customers, or subscribers. You could also stream this webinar in real-time, so the audience members can tune in live on a compatible social media network of their choice. 

Internal communications

If you lead a remote or hybrid business team, you know the importance of excellent video conferencing software. And nope, we’re not talking about Zoom. Riverside FM can host virtual meetings, client presentations, and other internal communications. It also records the session for later playback if someone is unable to attend. 

Interviews or panel discussions

Audio interviews are compelling, but video interviews are where the real ROI potential lies. In fact, the number of internet consumers who watch online video content is projected to reach almost 3.5 billion in 2023. So capitalize on this widely successful format and use Riverside FM to moderate a video interview or panel discussion.   

Video clips for social media

Remember the “work smarter, not harder” strategy? If that’s your plan for 2023, Riverside FM makes it easy to turn one piece of long-form content into numerous video clips or sound bytes. Create these with the built-in editor, then share online ahead of the full-length episode release to hook your audience and leave them wanting more. 

Bottom Line: Is Riverside FM a Good Platform to Use?

Interested in taking your virtual content and communications to the next level? Riverside FM offers two affordable subscriptions. The Standard Plan costs $180 a year for 5 hours of audio tracks and 5 hours of video tracks per month. Or there’s the Pro Plan, which costs $288 a year for 15 hours of audio tracks and 15 hours of video tracks per month. 

As a SunDaze Journey follower, you can score even deeper savings. Just use our promo code “JOURNEY” for 10% off the Riverside FM plan of your choice. Then, be sure to tell us what you think. We would love to hear all about the unique, original content you’re creating on this platform!

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