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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (2023)

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One of the hardest parts of motherhood is finding your way back to yourself. Having the time or energy to even look something nice for yourself can be overwhelming. This Mother’s Day, purchase something for a mother in your life, and make sure to hit some (or all) of these key points:

  • Only benefits her
  • Functional for her everyday life
  • Makes her feel beautiful
  • Something she enjoys doing or is interested in beginning

Still stumped? No worries! We’ve arranged a list of goodies that are sure to bring Mom endless joy, rest, and comfort to show your appreciation.


Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Fessceruna Loungewear

Being comfy and cute just got easier! It’s easy to fall into a rut as a busy mom, but when you can wear something that doubles as an outfit and PJs, those last minute store runs and school pick-ups don’t seem as daunting. This three piece set comes in multiple colors and includes a kimono!

Price: $47.98 on Amazon*

Birgilt Tea/Coffee Tumbler

What’s a mom to do without her morning coffee or tea? Not. A. Thing. Whether she’s staying home or on the go, having a cute and functional cup for her drink of choice is essential. 

The BIRGILT tumbler’s features include:

  • Insulated material
  • Comes with a top, straw, and cleaning brush
  • Monogrammed with a sweet message

Price: $25.99 on Amazon*

PowerLocus Bluetooth Headphones

Moms are finding headphones to be way more functional than earbuds. Whether they are cleaning up around the house or taking a jog around the block, fighting with earbuds isn’t on the to-do list. These sleek and foldable PowerLocus headphones allows mom to jam out, worry-free.

You can expect:

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Headphone case
  • Quick connection
  • iPad/MAC/Samsung/iPhone/PC compatibility

Price: $26.99 on Amazon*

SOJOS Vintage Oversized Square Sunglasses

No make-up days are going to be a new mom’s best friend this summer. Sunglasses are a great gift to help Mom top off any outfit. These SOJOS Sunglasses include:

  • High-definition lenses
  • UV Protection coating

Price: $14.99 on Amazon*

JIMMY CHOO I Want Choo Eau de Parfum Spray

All moms, but especially new breastfeeding moms, will be relieved to smell like anything other than breast milk and last night’s dinner. Perfumes are a great gift because they remind mothers that they are still elegant women, and not just a mom. I have yet to meet a woman who has smelled this perfume and doesn’t love it! 

Price: $102 on Amazon*



This MATEIN faux-leather bag ~is giving~ luxury with a charging function and stretchable key fob hook, waterproof material, and many pockets for all her personal effects. It even includes a clutch bag for make-up!

Price: $42.99 on Amazon*

Kendra Scott Jewelry Set

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, but when you can’t afford diamonds, there are some really great alternatives. Kendra Scott is known for making dainty, colorful, and fashionable jewelry. The mom in your life might not tell you this, but she wants the entire set. If you get earrings, she needs the necklace to match, and if you buy those two, you might as well purchase the bracelet as well.

Price: $151 on Amazon*

Blu Monaco Desktop Organizer

Don’t judge the mom in your life for her messy desk. Instead, hook her up with an aesthetic desk organizer. It can be hard keeping up with everything while wrangling your kids throughout the day. Having a space that’s organized and cute might just be the motivation she needs.

Price: $45 on Amazon*

The Core Max Pro

Warning: this is ONLY a great gift if you know the mom in your life has expressed interest in exercising or finding fun and unique ways to move around. The Core Max PRO is an amazing piece of workout equipment because it works the entire body, and you can add resistance bands to it. It can be used while sitting down or standing up for versatility.

The Core Max PRO features include:

  • Folding for easy storage
  • Comes with a nutritional guide and workout videos

Price: $110 on Amazon*

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