How to Balance Your Passion with a Full-Time Job

Due to the economic stress of this last year, 35 percent of the U.S. workforce is happier now to have a job than before the COVID-19 pandemic began. However, there’s a difference between gratitude for your income versus passion for how you earn that income. 

Not everyone is paid to do what makes their souls come alive, and even those who genuinely do love their jobs still experience a lackluster degree of satisfaction or passion sometimes. But this doesn’t make you ungrateful to be employed. It just means your true spark of interest might exist outside a typical nine-to-five career path. 

If this describes you, then rest assured, you’re not alone. 


Almost half of surveyed Americans are using the increased time at home or away from the office to dive into their uncharted passions. But what does it require to balance a job that pays the bills with a passion that ignites your creative spirit? And how can you find the motivation or energy to hustle on a “passion project” after a full day of work? 

Excellent question…here at The SunDaze Journey, we know firsthand what this balancing act entails, and we’ve got you covered with the action steps below!    

Own Your Passion—No Matter What It Might Be. 

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Are you an accountant who loves to bake? A coffee barista who wants to start a blog? A social media marketer who plays the drums? A sales associate who makes jewelry? Or a pediatrician who restores old furniture? Wherever your passion lies, own it. Don’t minimize it as weird or frivolous. If something piques your excitement and fuels your creative juices, then pursue it— whether or not it turns into another stream of income.                

Keep Enthusiasm and Pleasure at the Forefront. 

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No matter how passionate you are about a certain activity, if it starts to feel like an obligation, your desire to pursue it might wane over time. So prioritize the enjoyment factor and be intentional about your self-talk in relation to this pursuit. Reframe your thinking from, “I should…” or “I have to…” to a more positive, constructive inner monologue such as: “I’m fortunate to do what I love. This moment is special, so I will enjoy it.”       

Be Intentional About How You Spend Free Time.

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If you have a full-time job, don’t expect yourself to launch headfirst into a passion project for hours on end once the workday is over. Momentum can spur you forward initially, but it’s often unsustainable long-term. To avoid burnout and inertia, budget your free time in a way that feels realistic. What are you capable of investing into this each week? Do you allow yourself to rest and unplug? By all means, hustle—but within reason. 

Join Online Communities Related to this Interest.    

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Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, cosplayer, web designer, cake decorator or just about any other niche in between, there’s an online group for that. Virtual communities enable you to network with others who share your interest and learn from those with more experience or knowledge on the topic. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Meetup, DeviantArt and Facebook host thousands of creative online groups to connect with.   

Learn All You Can to Build Confidence and Skill.

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When it comes to following your passion, never lose the commitment to learn and hone your skills as much as possible. Curiosity breeds proficiency, and e-learning websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable or Coursera make it simple to access an entire library of curriculum right online. The more you know about something, the more confident you’ll be to pursue it, so delve into your own education…it’s worth the investment.         

How do you balance your passion with a full-time job these days? What strategies tend to work for you in this area? Have you tried any of our suggestions, or is there another trick up your sleeve? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below!

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