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10 Popular Apps to Help You Power Through Your To-Do List

There comes a time in every maturing person’s life where they must admit to needing a little help. If we’re being honest, everybody is struggling to keep it together. So, there is no need to be ashamed when you have to call in reinforcements.

From managing your coins to delivering curated content to freelance clients, we’ve gathered our favorite applications and websites that are designed to help you reach your goals.

Health and Well-Being Apps

1. Calm

Inhale… Now exhale… Nothing like a few deep breaths to help ground yourself. The folks at Calm are on “a mission to make the world a happy and healthier place” by helping you do just that. For a yearly premium, users have access to guided meditations, sleep stories, relaxing music, and more!

As if you need a reason other than minding your mental health, Calm lists free resources on their website. So before you sign-up for the FREE trial (another bonus), you can peruse a library of gratitude journaling sheets, mindful living calendars, and the like.

2. Nike Training Club

If you’re tired of spending money on over-priced gyms (or if you’re reading this in the middle of a pandemic and gyms don’t seem like a reasonable option), then look no further than Nike Training Club (NTC). While there are some features only for premium members, this mobile application is almost unmatched because of the amazing workouts you get for FREE.

Bonus: The filter system allows you to choose your workouts based on the amount of time you have, body area you wish to focus on, and even fitness level. It’s like you’re getting classes specifically designed for you every. single. time.

See also Nike Run Club (NRC).

3. MyFitnessPal

From Under Armour comes one of the most robust fitness trackers, MyFitnessPal. As any good pal, they are there for you during your best and not-so-motivated of times. This platform’s FREE features include a food diary, step counter, workout routines, and so much more.

MyFitnessPal also syncs with your smartwatches, so you are able to track your workouts in the app without any extra steps. It’s truly no wonder why so many fitness bloggers and Youtubers love it!

4. Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody calls themselves the “Netflix of fitness” … and with good reason. This online fitness video platform has all of the workouts your parents used to do plus new programs that actually deliver results.

While you could pay around $99 for a year-long subscription, members not only get access to 1,500+ different workouts, but a number of their programs come with nutrition plans to help you maximize your investment.

Apps to Track Your Finances

5. Mint

Got money? Mint powered by Intuit helps make sure you don’t spend it all in one place. Literally… it brings all of your bank account and credit card balances to one place, then it tracks all of your spending habits.

You can also create separate budgets for categories like groceries, restaurants, and utilities, and Mint will notify you when you need to chill on the coffee shops for the rest of the month.


This application was voted “Best for Debt Payoff” by The Balance.

YNAB is another all-in-one application that helps you “conquer” your budget with a few rules: Give every dollar a job, Embrace your true expenses, Roll with the punches, and Age your money! According to the company, it works! They claim that on average users save $600 in the first two months and more than $6,000 in the first year.

7. Zelle

Send and receive money safely through your personal banking app… need we say more?

Apps for Content, Project, and Team Management

8. Air Table

If there were ever a God of Content and Project management, it would be AirTable. This robust platform has everything you need to complete your projects in the most organized way. By storing all of your files, calendars, and checklists in one central location, you are able to cut out the middle man and stop sending follow-up and “just checking in” emails about missing deliverables.

While there are costs associated with the use of the platform, Digital Marketing Professionals rave about AirTable because of its incredible features.

9. Basecamp

“Teamwork makes the dreamwork.” And nobody embodies the word “teamwork” like Basecamp. It truly acts as a meeting place for your colleagues where you can chat, assign tasks, share files, and manage multiple projects.

Basecamp also has a simple user interface that makes it easy to understand for almost everyone. Spend less time training people on complicated software and more time on getting things done remotely.

10. Todoist

Rather you manage a team with a million projects or just have one too many things to keep in your head, Todosit helps you to keep track of all your tasks. It’s a fool-proof, zero-frills platform designed to clear up some mental space, so you can get back to focusing on the things that matter most.

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