Spotlight on: Aracelys Roman of Emerge & Bloom

In our second installment of this Spotlight series, we are thrilled to bring you optimism and resilience coach Aracelys Roman. As the owner of Emerge And Bloom, a solutions-based online coaching platform, Aracelys is full of practical strategies and experiential wisdom to help you navigate life transitions without losing joy in the process. 

We absolutely cannot wait for you to hear all the valuable insight she shares on her episode of The SunDaze Journey Podcast (don’t forget to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts). Her story is a poignant, authentic illustration of creating beauty from the ashes of heartache. It’s a conversation that stuck with us long after we finished recording, and we just know you’ll love it too. But until then, get to know the remarkable Aracelys Roman in the Q&A below!   

The SunDaze Journey: These last couple of years have been stressful to say the least. What are a few practices that you’ve found to be restorative and beneficial for your own mental, emotional and physical well-being in the midst of these circumstances? 

Aracelys Roman: My go-to practices in challenging times are journaling and yoga. Both help me to remain centered, grounded, and connected with my inner wisdom.

TSJ: What is the single most powerful and influential piece of advice that has ever been shared with you, either personally or professionally? Who did this advice come from, and how has it changed or impacted your life?

AR: It’s something I learned from author Heather Ash Amara, my teacher and mentor: “If you want something in your life to change, you must have as much or more energy than what you need to transform.” She compared it to pouring water into a container full of oil. The fresh water brings the oil to the top, causing it to spill over until the container is solely filled with water. My life was transformed in so many wonderful ways once I started applying this advice, and it’s now something I teach my clients as well. We must be fueled by possibilities.

TSJ: Based on your own lived experience, what is one particular lesson or insight that you would pass on to someone who is coming up behind you? 

AR: The most common reactions to uncomfortable emotions are either to flee or fight them, but researchers have shown that to acknowledge pain, rather than oppose it, allows the brain to transform it. We allow ourselves to process the pain when we stay in touch with our wounded heart, and it begins to heal as a result. It’s critical to be open to whatever comes next during transitions, but first we must assimilate and integrate the catalytic event and its aftermath into our understanding to allow integration and progress toward wholeness.

TSJ: Are there any books you’re reading, podcasts you’re listening to, or leaders you’re following that are instrumental in your personal growth at the moment?

AR: Absolutely! I’m an avid learner and always on the lookout for new ways to keep my mind stimulated. I’m currently reading Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess by Dr. Caroline Leaf, listening to “Unstoppable Success Podcast” from Niyc Pidgeon, and following Susannah Conway because she was a role model for me in my mourning process.

TSJ: Do you find it necessary to relax, unplug or decompress in the evening after a full, active day on the job? And if so, what’s your favorite method of relaxation?

AR: My favorite method of relaxation is to light a candle, play soothing music and just breathe deeply. I need alone time to recalibrate and replenish.

TSJ: What are some cultural misconceptions about self-care and personal wellness that you would love to shed more light on or dismantle altogether? 

AR: A common misconception is that a positive mindset means you have to be positive at all times. Cultivating a positive mindset means that you approach unproductive thoughts, emotions or setbacks with strategies that yield results, but don’t suppress or deny the pain.

TSJ: If you could travel anywhere on earth (taking COVID safety measures into account, of course!), where would you choose to visit and why? Or if you’ve been to this place already, what made it such a meaningful destination? 

AR: I would love to travel to Greece and to Morocco—both are on my bucket list. They’re calling me, and I don’t know why. I just feel that my soul needs to be there. Sedona, Arizona, was another place I visited and fell in love with. It’s magical, and I could feel the energy shift in my whole being. Another memorable destination was Paris, where I received my coaching diploma and met author Rebecca Campbells.

TSJ: In this period of immense change and upheaval, what are a few practical action steps to reclaim a joyful life, no matter the stressors or circumstances? 

AR: Choose to believe that you fit into something much larger than just yourself. Respect your boundaries. Activate both your imagination and creativity to reconnect with your enthusiasm. Assess your thoughts. Ponder your assumptions. Know that within you lies a deep reservoir of untapped potential.

TSJ: We’re all about celebrating new steps in the journey here on this platform. So is there any major milestone, career development or passion project you have in the works that you’re excited about and want to share? 

AR: I’m excited about two projects I currently have in the works. One is a podcast in Spanish for my community of Latinas, and the other one is that I will soon start my Master’s Degree in Psychology. I am committed to my own development and advancement, as well as to assisting others. I believe both commitments are mutually beneficial.

TSJ: Finally, what are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself and the path you have walked to become who you are right now? 

AR: Kind, optimistic and resilient.

Connect with Aracelys Roman’s work at and learn more about how she can help you move towards transformation in your own life. You can also follow along on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube

*Some answers were edited for length or clarity.* 

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